FAQ Some answer of the most asked questions.

You should follow the tutorial guide, here's the link tutorial. If you still have issues with a video you can always contact us.
Our computers are working hard to make it faster but rendering videos is a demanding process and depending on how many people there are on the website you can have some delays. You can always leave while it's rendering and come back later.
First of all thank you for considering it! When you pay you'll have the same process as when you rendered the preview video except that the quality will be the one you chosen and the preview watermark won't be there.
As long as you have the rights you can put any music you want.
There's plenty of awesome video hosting services on the web. We advise you to check YouTube or Vimeo for example.
You might sell it once. Our license on the video's template are for one end-customer only.
Try to restore the zoom parameter of your browser. To do it, most of the time, click on the magnifying glass at the top right inside the url field and then click restore.